- full computerized, worldwide flight plans (with Jeppesen JetPlanner)
- ATC flight plan filing
- mass & balance calculation
- crew briefing
- worldwide satellite imagery and route weather briefings
- NOTAM briefings
- flight clearances and landing permissions
- organization of aircraft handling and airport slots
- aircraft performance data
- customs notification
- organization of hotel and transportation
- flight tracking
- current information on air traffic and airspace
- airport and FBO info
- runway analysis / performance calculation
- aviation security management (security program)
- help with development and improvement of any other manual (OM, FSM, ERP.....)  

 One of our main goals is to help you increasing your safety and efficiency, while lowering the cost of aircraft operation.

We are able to handle arrangements for your flights to major airports around the globe as well as handle the equally complex details needed to get you in and out of small airports in remote places around the world.

From landing / over flight permissions, via handling / special service arrangements, to EAPIS /TSA Waiver / ASOC clearances,
we can obtain anything to prepare your flight at highest satisfaction.